Seriously. WTF????


It appears Global Warming will be sweeping through our island again. According to the weather reports, we will have SNOW tonight. And SNOW tomorrow. And SNOW tomorrow night.

Did I mention it’s supposed to effing SNOW? Little frozen white fluffy reminders of my hellish childhood.

Being southern born and bred but forced to live with my family as a youngun’ on the Canadian border I am horribly snow scarred. Having lived at the beach for decades and centuries I’ve become grudgingly accustomed to the crispy cold nor’easters but SNOW is a hole nother thing. And I’m not likin’ it one bit.

I told Miss Carol to start packing but she just giggles and tells me to stop it.

One response to “Seriously. WTF????

  1. Woah woah woah snow is waaaaaay better than frigid cold. Let’s not get a little crazy here. I don’t mind the cold so much when the ground is all white and pretty and powdery. Plus, my dog goes apeshit for snow. It’s hilarious, and a welcome entertainment to the winter dreariness.

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