Low level lackluster.


I was thinking today that I needed to add to the Cutter and Tug back story. I really wanted to. People are clamoring for it. Unfortunately for the hordes of Cutter and Tug back story enthusiasts, Miss Carol turned on the TV tonight and American Idol is once again burrowing full throttle into our homes.

Oh goody. My fave.

And it got me sparking. Just seeing Ryan Seacrest makes my teeth itch. Not another year, not again, not another seemingly endless season of relentlessly poor television, of vacuous emptiness. Please no.

And yet, it trundles on, mindless as a truck.

And we watch it, like a train wreck. You have to realize, my big thing is that I kinda admire the kids willing to pin their hearts to their sleeves and put their hopes on the line and perform for a Paula and a Randy and a Simon.

I just hate that they have to bravely perform for a Paula and a Randy and a Simon and endure their carefully scripted, commercially timed, comments. 

Makes me wanna stick toothpicks in my eyes. I thinkin’ I’m gonna be holed up in the Me Only Room listening to a lot of music in the coming months.

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