Tiny little dancers of nothing.


Firstly. I LOVE this photograph. Normally, my rampaging narcissism would never have allowed a picture taken by anyone else to grace my oceandoggy. But I love the story this tells. It’s a young navy wife waiting on the docks for her husband to come off the aircraft carrier and take her home. Love it. (Sorry for the graininess but it’s my photo of a newspaper picture- which helps a lot in the rampaging narcissism department)

Secondly. Miss Carol and me started our Annual Oceandoggy New Years Resolutionary Weight Loss Program. It’s something we do every year, not because we’re tied to New Years Resolutions but, because we are cyclical people and come January we are fat and happy people and need to drop a couple pounds. I’m 6′ and 195 so I need to lose a good 10lbs. Miss Carol says she needs to lose some too so we are cutting out carbs and eating like hunter/gatherers. Just meat and veggies. Sometimes we don’t even wait to bring it in off the grill and just stuff glistening handfuls into our mouths while we squat on the deck, the dogs glaring at us.

Then, if there are any leftovers our subtle struggle begins. When we’re not dieting Miss Carol goes out for lunch with friends and the leftovers are mine and mine alone. Now, however, we jockey for the good leftovers. Miss Carol will make her lunch at night snagging some of the best and I’ll hide my faves in the back of the ‘fridge when she’s not looking. Hunger does funny things to people.

Thirdly. I had wanted to have multiple active pages on the new blog. I had envisioned a website chock full of goodies. Unfortunately, WordPress has other ideas regarding the way in which I can do my bloggy. So. Instead of a multiple pages I have to change it and have multiple categories. I will try and post things to a particular category so that they are archived in an easily findable fashion. If I slip up and forget, tough. 

I’m hungry.

One response to “Tiny little dancers of nothing.

  1. This totally had me laughing out loud, but not at you, of course. I don’t do resolutions, but I understand the weight loss thing. I officially quit eating after the holidays. Except for a couple (thousand) cookies, it’s working out for me.

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