Damn its dark.


This is what oceandoggys house looked like last night. 

Usually when the lights go out all over the island like this it’s because someone knocked over a power pole on the main drag headed in.

You curse. You scream for fatalities- people should pay for making you miss your TV special on Einstein. Damn homers. Probably drunk Tourons ruining more of your life. You curse and stomp. The dogs flee and Miss Carol hisses at you.

But then you settle down and grab a coldie and build up the fire in the fireplace ’cause its gonna be a long night and you sit in the dark and muse.

Maybe too seldom we are forced to take the time to just sit. And think. And stare at the darkness and the flickering logs and settle in the quiet.

Its nice.

One response to “Damn its dark.

  1. Omg. No electricity? No lights? No TV?? No INTERNET??? I’m not so sure I’d have survived it.

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