Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

Backstory. Part deux.


So anyway.

We returned to the breeder a couple of weeks later to collect Cutter and, Carol was hoping, the runt of the litter. Carol had convinced herself over the intervening weeks that this runt was the greatest, cutest, most courageous little fella ever in the history of dog runts.

Oceandoggy, on the other hand, was not yet sure that two puppies at the same time was the best idea Carol had ever had.

We got to the breeder’s and the runt was gone. In fact, all the other dogs were gone except Cutter and, you guessed it, the big bully of the litter still sitting alone in his corner of the pen.

Except this time he looked, I don’t know, kinda confused. Kinda, like WTF?, where’d everybody go? Why am I all alone here?

Carol being Carol, instantly jettisoned any feelings she might have had for the runt and dialed in on the big bully. The breeder told us that he was the biggest of the litter and that no one had picked him, probably because of his size. And that they were probably gonna have to drown him in the creek out back because they already had plenty of dogs.

Carol turned to me, her fawning look complete with welling eyes on full blast, and Oceandoggy’s black heart softened. Just a little. But that was enough.

Meet Tug.

Carol and the breeder woman gave both puppies a bath, then she gave us the AKC and vet info, and sent us on our way. On the way home, Carol and the puppies sat in the back where they (the puppies, not Carol) immediately clawed their way up the seat back to stare out the rear view and whimper as the only home they had ever known dwindled and then disappeared.

Coming up later- Our first night together.