Gosh golly, Alice, there is a God.


It rained for about 15 days straight this week. It was like rainrainrainrainrainrain and then, just when you couldn’t stand it anymore, guess what? You got it. More rain.

Which means the surprised grass in our yard has started growing again. In NOV.EM.BER. 

Which means Carol gets to mow the lawn again. In NOV.EM.BER. 

FINALLY, though, the sun came out this morning. And with it came the news that Jack is doing better than expected.

While his prognosis still isn’t the greatest, (it is brain cancer after all), it’s much less dire than it was a couple of days ago. Turns out it was a Stage One rather than a Stage Four tumor (don’t know exactly what that means but it sounds hopeful). During the operation the docs were able to remove most of the tumor and then implanted a chemo disk (whatever that is) to kill the rest. According to Tim, Jack is in good spirits and resting comfortably.

Oceandoggy thinks its time for a coldie.

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