I’m #1

As a trucker, I get this all the time. The one finger salute that my fellow motorists give me to let me know that I’m doing a good job.

And that they love me.

They love that it took me a bit to shift up through 10 gears and get 40 tons rolling.

They love that I’m only going 5mph over the speed limit when they want to go 10 or 15 or 20mph over.

They love that I can’t necessarily get out of their way fast enough.

And they definitely seem to love being stuck behind my truck in traffic.

So as they accelerate past, honking their horns to get my attention, they’ll let me know they appreciate the work I’m doing.

And while I certainly appreciate it, a part of me wishes they’d stop.

It’s kind of embarrassing.


One response to “I’m #1

  1. Recognition for a job well done! Salute!

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