She’s got a ticket to ride.

So this is what happened.

LoLa, our full-figured little chiweeny, used to love bounding up and down on and off of furniture and our bed and we thought nothing of our pudgy little football of a dog jumping on and off of whatever she chose.

Until a fateful day in late December.

What we didn’t know, what we came to find out is that dachshunds, especially chubby little dachshunds, are prone to back injuries.

And fat little LoLa was no exception.

So it was just lucky that on that day in December when little LoLa’s final leap ended in her little spine compressing and rupturing one of her little discs that Miss Carol was home because according to Miss Carol, her screams of pain were terrible to hear.

And, additionally lucky, with help from some friends Miss Carol was able to get LoLa to the emergency vet where they operated on her spine and removed(?) the ruptured disc.

So the pain was gone, but so were her hind legs. Miss Carol took LoLa to days and weeks of post surgery rehab, and even though there has been some little bit of progress, LoLa still pees and poops wherever and whenever and slithers around on the floor dragging her little hind legs behind her.

Because it was depressing to see her patheticness and because her dragged little legs were chafing, we decided to buy her some wheels.

Now she motors around bumping into things and getting stuck and when she pees and poops she leaves it in a long trail behind her.

Life is fun.

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