The End of Tug.



I never thought that Friday’s dinner would be your last.

I never thought that Saturday’s slight limp would morph into something so painful we needed to take you to an E.R.

I never thought that when we got you home, that it could worsen. But it did.

I never thought that we’d have to take you back to the E.R. on Sunday night with a painful, and almost complete, paralysis of your hindquarters.

I never thought that I’d ever, ever, have to leave you in an E.R.

I never thought you’d never come home.

I never thought that I could feel so much hope when you ate a couple pieces of the cheese I brought you on Wednesday.

I never thought that we’d get that call at 3 this morning.

I never thought that I’d ever see you at the center of so much attention in an E.R.

I never thought that I’d be signing an euthanasia authorization less than a week after you woke up with a limp.

I never thought I’d be saying goodbye so soon.

Tug 2005-2015

3 responses to “The End of Tug.

  1. Ror and Carol, I’m so very sorry. I know your hearts are breaking. You guys gave him such a wonderful life though; remember all the good times and know he’s always with you. Love you guys, Bunky

  2. Rory… there are no words. I’m so, so sorry. (Okay, I guess there are words, but they are trite and they suck and I’m sorry I even have to type them.) Tug was incredibly loved (even by strangers like me) and I believe you were both so lucky to have each other during the time you did. I’m so fucking sorry this happened. I wish I could change it. I wish I didn’t finally stop by to read this. God, I am just so fucking sorry.

  3. Ror & Carol, I’m bawling as I read this. I’m so sorry, & I wish I knew this when it happened. Tug was such a sweet boy, & I’m so glad that I got to know him a little bit. We sure do appreciate the time you allowed us to spend with him, & I ask that you please give his sweet brother Cutter a big SMOOCH from me. Much love to all of you, & a big sloppy wet kiss from Marley Bob (from afar, of course, because the boys would surely rumble).

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