This is probably my most favorite card that I received for my birthday this year and not for reasons you might think. I won’t tell you who sent it to me, because Jay knows who he is and because many mutual manly male friends might frown on pink cards.

So nope, it’s not the pinkness, nor is it the tattoo on her breast.

It’s the blushing, princess-ness thankfulness she’s exuding that makes it my favorite birthday card.

“Cause that’s how I feel.

Honestly. I was overwhelmed with the texts, the e-mails, the card, and the calls that I received on my birthday. I had no idea I had so many caring friends and caring family. I was deeply moved and wanted to reply to each and every one of you but I couldn’t because the sheer repetition was daunting and because I’m not Facebook fluent enough to do some kind of gang tag group hug, I figured this was my only next best way.

So yeah. Thank you all.

I’ll always be your princess.

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