My brother and his little cupcake called last night while Miss Carol and me were eating dinner.

They were super uber excited. 

We’ve hated where we live for a long time!, they said.

We’ve wanted to leave where we’re at and come down to the island and be with you guys!, they exclaimed.

Seriously they said, we’ve put our house on the market and the agent is going to have an open house in April and he thinks it’ll show well and sell quickly!

So we can move in with you! they yelled.

They whooped, hey!-we’re gonna pack up the first load tomorrow afternoon so we should at your place by midnight!

And don’t worry about a thing they squealed, we don’t need any help unpacking. We know you both have to work on Friday so we can handle it! You guys just go about your day!

And then my brother’s little cupcake chirped, but could ya maybe get us a coupla bottles of red wine?

And my brother said, and you know, some Bud Light? buddee?

This is gonna be soooooo much fuuuuuunnnn! they both shrieked- and then they hung up.

He’s your brother, Miss Carol said.

And I sat and tried to swallow whatever it was I’d been chewing on.



6 responses to “Surprise?

  1. Good lord…I just had a flashback to the time my ex-husbands sister and husband showed up at our door one afternoon with pretty much the same story. Nope, not the reason we are no longer together now….but it was really close to being the reason then. Good luck!

  2. I’m pretty sure the fridge in the garage is gonna look like that picture you took on the 4th of July….PACKED. 🙂 I’m sad, yet excited at the same time. Miss you guys….see you soon!

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