Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Pinch me.

Have I told you I love you?

We brought Trixie home today. 300 miles and she ran great.

I was sooooo hoping that Miss Carol and me could go and pick her up so that I could drive her home and be the guy with the five and half hour smile on his face, but schedules and Monday’s load dictated that Chris and I go get her.

And don’t get me wrong. The whole trip down to Greensboro I’m thinkin’ of reasons to make Chris drive MR.GREENE. back so’s I can be Mr. Tractor Trailer Guy.

I thought hard. Real hard.

But in the end I just didn’t think it’d be right to take Chris’s truck for the first spin. I mean, he’s gonna be driving it most of the time, right? RIGHT?

So he drove and I followed and fumed and wanted and wished.

But she’s home now and we’ve got one more hectic day of registrations and contracts and CB installations and tweaking and she’ll be ready for her first load on Monday and I’m gonna be wishing it was me.

‘Cause I’m a dick like that.

My new office.