Stone Arabia.

Will somebody please read this book and explain it to me?


According to the reviews and the blurb on the dust jacket, Stone Arabia is about siblings, love, and obsession.

Maybe it’s just too understated for me to understand, but I didn’t get it. Yeah, there are siblings and there’s some obsession I guess, if you want to count Nik’s love of music and loserness. He’s a washed up wannabe musician/ bartender and his sister’s a totally confused 40-somethingorother telling the story of something of their life or something?

I was totally unimpressed.

But. Dana Spiotta writes reaaaaaallly good, so I kept reading, hoping against hope that it would get better. It had to, right? But it didn’t. It wound down to it’s dreary shitty end and I was left thinkin’? WTF? That’s IT??


I sooooo didn’t want my last post before flinging myself at NaNoWriMo to be negative, especially about a book or a writer, but Stone Arabia sucked.


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