Daily Archives: August 31, 2011


I know everybody works really hard, that we all crawl home at the end of the day in the gathering darkness, gasping and grasping, and I knew these two months of added work would be tough for me and I knew that something or maybe some somethings would probably slip off my plate and slide onto the floor and slowly gel and be forgotten. But I never thought it’d be my blog- my little oceandoggy.com.

Guess what?

She was the first thing way-sided, the first thing pushed off into the bushes and shuffled past.

So what’s been happening? Quickly?

-I aced a sixth test and finally received my CDL permit (honestly, the tests aren’t that hard EVERYONE should be acing them)

-I bugged out for a hurricane that never really happened (call me Mr. Sissy, or maybe Mr. Pussy)

-I found that spending 30 hours of quality time with Cutter and Tug in a truck isn’t really that much fun

-I finally realized that I’ll never make Miss Carol happy about tractor-trailerin’. Like EVER.

– and that I’d wanted to write a better post, I always do, but I’m blown out so I guess I’ll fill in the empty spaces later on, you know, when it’s less insanely busy.