Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

new world.

On Monday the tractor-trailerin’ began.

I know this is making Miss Carol crazy ’cause she can’t figure out why I’m even doing this because, honestly? I’m not so sure, either.

It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

Driving a big-rig, blasting all alone down a lonely highway, hauling 40 tons of whatever with the music cranking and heading for a far-off horizon? How cool is that?

You know, as an idea, anyway?

But Monday was a bit of a wake up call. I never thought or dreamed that truckers-to-be would be rocket scientists or even marginally hip or cool. And, I’m not saying I am and I realize people are products of their upbringing and whatever, but, hey. Whoa.

Our class of 12 squeezed into the little classroom and while our instructor started reading the manual to us I looked around and listened and after three days I’m wondering what it is I did.

There’s a coupla scar-covered guys from Ghana that I’m not sure can write english. You know, like I can.

There’s this one spooky dude that I just hope I’m not ever riding with.

There’s another huge guy covered in tattoos that actually looks pretty harmless. Except, maybe to little kids.

There’s two guys who’ve decided to be my bestest buddies and want to talk to me all the time and tell me what to do. I hate them.

There’s a guy who’s already spent a YEAR at the school studying diesel mechanics and has decided that THAT school didn’t, and couldn’t, teach him anything. He’s very angry.

There’s this one bird-like looking kid that just seems really nervous. I’d actually like to talk to him.

There’s this one big black guy who has NEVER driven anything with a clutch. I’m not quite sure what he was thinking.

And then there’s these two ex-Navy dudes just looking for anything to do now that they’re out of the service. They seem a little lost.

It’s an interestingly new world I’m in. I like learning new things, especially stuff like this that is SO outside my comfort zone and while I think everything’ll be cool, the overall feel is testosterone fueled toughness.


I just hope I don’t get beat up.