Tug. Remix.

Dogs are funny people.

They’re endlessly evolving while never quite maturing into anything. It’s kinda like living with little kids that never grow up.

They just seem to spark new shit for whatever unknown reason.

So it shouldn’t have been surprising the other night when I was grinding coffee beans for Miss Carols’ morning coffee and Tug started howling.

I mean like a wolf howling at the moon kinda howling.

I listened, grinning for a coupla minutes before shutting it down and saying-

You’re a fucking retard.

Tug panted and grinned and Cutter looked around nervously not understanding.

What is up with that? I said.

If dogs could shrug, Tug shrugged and said- I was just singing along.

You’re kiddin’ me, right? I said- tell me you’re kidding me.

Nah, he said, his tail starting to wag. Hit that button again, I like it. It grooves my bones, he said.

And I did.

And he did.

7 responses to “Tug. Remix.

  1. That is soo flippin funny!!! Animals are wacky. The other day Buddy walked out with a pc of Bob’s dog food and dropped it on the carpet. I stepped closer to check it out and he – Buddy the cat – growled at me. I’m not even kidding. I backed off and he devoured it. ?

    • Dude.
      They’re not animals.
      They’re our furry friends.
      *Big, expansive, breath*

      Actually, you’re right. They’re turds.

  2. –>Maybe he knew it was for Miss Carol too and wanted to help.

  3. These always make me laugh. I want to be BFFs with your dogs.

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