You know how when you’re moving between one thing and the other thinking you know where you’re headed, but then, for whatever reason, shit changes and you stop for a second and gaze around and wonder afresh whichaways you were actually going?

I feel like that’s my life right now.

I wish this post was better, I wish I was a better person, but I’m not and it isn’t.


I suck.

I’m a little bit confused right now.

5 responses to “Pause.

  1. I could have written this post. But cheer up, I swear, it does get better.

    • Thanks!
      I know better is just down the road and around the corner.
      The problem is, it’s a loooooonnng sweeping corner.
      I imagine I’ll be fine.

  2. Time to yourself…relax with a frosty glass…it will work out.

    • I do!
      It’s all good.
      No wait, shit, I HATE that phrase- it’s never all good.
      Oh, wait, I’m rambling.
      I’m a mess.

  3. We still love you, though! 🙂 Bunky, Brey and Hayman

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