I swore I wasn’t going to comment on this, but then I did.

I’d written a 400 word post about Osama’s double tap and when I went to save it WordPress kicked me out and erased it.


So let me try again.

I was trying to be objective. Trying to understand the epiphanies.

‘Cause check it.

We’re being asked to believe that a lanky long drink of water, huddled with two 14″ portable TV’s that your grandmother would clutch to her drooping bosom claiming they’re OK, a digital decoder “probably tuned to Al Jazeera via Pakistani satellite network”, a 17″ color computer monitor (read laptop), a Sharp 12 digit calculator with printer (the horrors), a remote control (probably so he wouldn’t have to scramble the coupla feet to change the channels on his shitty TV), and a bolster pillow somehow brought the greatest nation on earth to it’s knees?

Long, deep, breath.

Are you telling me I have to undergo a strip search when I fly to Atlanta because Mr. Lanky’s watching bad TV with rabbit ears? That my whole world has changed and a whole new layer of government bullshit has been added to protect me from a guy with a Sharp 12 digit calculator and a bolster pillow?

You’re kiddin’ me, right?

What is it we’re being fed here? Now that he’s dead and gone can we get back to normal?

Hope wanes.

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