There are times when you’re stretched, when you’re wonderin’ just what it is you started, when you’re thinkin’- what the hell were you thinkin’?.

This was one of those weeks.

After we had the Freak Global Warming Snowstorm that dumped 14,  no wait, FOURTEEN FUCKING INCHES of snow on us, I was all, like I get it. Nobody wants to work in the muddy mess of a Global Warming Snowstorm.

So we lost the week between Christmas and New Years.

But then, this week has been perfect. No Global Warming Storms, no nothing- just pretty weather beckoning with outstretched arms, pleading.

So what happened?

Nothing. Nada.

I can’t get a hold of the contractor doing the site work, he won’t answer his cell phone and I filled up his voicemail with messages begging for an update.

This is why people get killed- it’s just sooooo blindingly frustrating it makes you wanna strangle puppies and stomp on kittens.


So lets look at babes instead. Breathe in, breathe out, baby.

4 responses to “Shitmotherfucker.

  1. We have a two hour delay today and I don’t even see snow. I’m ready for warm weather and our inground pool to be finished. Is it summer yet?

  2. Is that brain matter I see on the edge of the screen?

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