Seriously. WTF?

I’m scratchin’ my head and I’m thinkin’ to the way-way back when Miss Carol and me moved to the beach to escape cold weather and snow and all the things I hate about winter so’s we could spend our lives warmly tanning in bikinis and thongs and drinking beer and foot-ploughing furrows in the hot sand.

I don’t remember this crap being a part of our Welcome To Your Dream Life At The Beach brochure.

Either somebody lied to us or something else is going on.

Whatever whichaway, I’m wonderin’ if maybe we’re not building far enough south.

I hate this shit.

14 responses to “Seriously. WTF?

  1. Hahahaaa!!! It’s so pretty, though! Funny how the DC area got nothin?

  2. Don’t be a grinch! It looks pretty and Christmas should be snowy! (From someone who lives where “lake effect” snow is an everyday forecast!

    Happy New year!

    • Heeelllloooooooo!!!!!!!!!
      I am so Mr. Grinch. Snow is only pretty somewhere else, like far away.
      But, a Happy New Year to ya’ll too.

  3. I mistakenly went north looking for my little slice of beach, but we got slammmmmmmmed. Waves were crashing through first floor windows of the houses. Power’s been out for days in some parts of town. Houses on fire. Bridges under water. I took a little jog around town yesterday to see what there was to be seen and I was truly humbled by the size of the waves. Majestic. And damn destructive. Very happy our little cottage is at the top of a hill.

  4. Send some this way. I love the snow!!

  5. Well aren’t you lucky! No snow here in the south of Iceland. Just rain, rain and more rain plus four hours of (almost) daylight. It looks so wonderfully wintery on your end! Merry Christmas to you and the wife and a very happy New Year.

  6. Dude.
    Somethin’ ain’t right. We have 14 inches of snow in Virginia Beach and ICELAND has NONE???
    Is it nice and warm there? Do I need to hate you?
    Hope ya’ll had a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

  7. What looked good coming down while I was sitting toasty in the house was a pain in my ass (and arms and shoulders) to shovel the next day. Next time, snow everywhere but pavement. Happy New Year to you, Ms Carol and the boys!

  8. –>It delayed us leaving for a week. However, we hooked up a sled to the 4-wheeler and pulled the little kids up and down the street. Pictures are coming on my blog soon.

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