Shut up.

Ya know how some days you’re just off the charts chatty?

Shit’s clickin’ and you’re feelin’ like every little word droppin’ off your lips is some kinda pearl of wisdom that everyone needs and wants to hear and muse over?

The kinda shit that you think people would just want to roll over and over in their minds and hands and appreciate and rub smooth like pebbles or snowballs, making them better?

Yeah. So you continue on, giddily full of yourself, secure in the knowledge that others find you as entertaining as you do.

But then reality kicks in and you get a forearm bolt check to the chin and a follow up knee to the twins when Miss Carol says- you know what?

Why don’t you just shut the fuck up?

And you do.

‘Cause you’re good at that too, ’cause it’s something you learned when you were little.

8 responses to “Shut up.

  1. –>Is that like being seen but not heard?

  2. Ah yes, seen and not heard. I know that feeling well…I live with two teenaged girls ~ one full time and the other is a big girl now just not quite out the door all the way but rarely home. They don’t care for any of my words of wisdom either ’cause I was born old and don’t know a damn thing.

    • You’re right, we don’t.
      But maybe this time around maybe they’re right.
      When was the last time you could show your son or daughter or nephew or niece how to do something on their ipod or ipad or laptop or Droid?
      We’re fairly young and fairly passed over already.
      How much does that suck?
      ‘Course then we can laugh a hollow victory laugh when they don’t know how to use a clutch.
      Shit’s movin’ fast.

  3. That made me laugh. Out loud. And I think you always have pearls of wisdom… 🙂

  4. HAHAHA. Well, you still have the twins, dontcha? Cooperation with Miss Carol sounds like a good thing.

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