That’s it- time has spooled out faster than I could grab it and hold onto it and now I gotta go.

Whether I want to or not, vacation is upon me.

Bright blue sky and wildly gin clear sea have converged and are pulling at me, tugging relentlessly and mercilessly so I’m headin’ off to become some kinda lame  Pirate of the BVI’s.

But, and yet.

i know in the deepest core of me that soon, too soon, I’ll be the drunk guy hangin’ out, bein’ the turd tourist.

I know it. I know where I’m goin’ and I wish it was different, but it’s not.

So as I strap myself in, I gotta wonder why I EVER go on vacation. I mean, I love my little life, I love our little home, and I love our little beach. So why go? Why ever leave?

Oh, wait.

I remember.

It’s ’cause Miss Carol makes me.


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