Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

We’re baaaaaacck.


I finally drove Mighty Whitey home the other day.

What  an oddly, absurdly, lengthy, stupid story.

Back in history, back in the day, a company, a guy, gave me a quote to totally restore my Suburban. He promised me the world- everything would be new and freshy and I trembled in anticipation and threw money at him.

What began as a three week project, tops, slowly ground into months and months of endless visits to his garage hoping to keep the project moving forward and seeing that it wasn’t moving forward at all and then finding out that he does this.

All the time.

Come to find out, there are some cars on his lot that have been there, unfinished, for YEARS.


So I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna have to ride shotgun with a shotgun and have Mighty Whitey towed out of there but something about my personality and good looks convinced dickhead to at least get the body work and  paint done and he did and so I picked her up and drove her home on Friday.

She’s not the perfect restoration that I was wanting and hoping for but she’s to the point that I can finish.

And she’s home.