Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Yet again.


Another touron tragedy and yet another solid reason to stay away from the beach and the ocean.

Once again a touron did something stupid, something that he may have been forgiven for in another place or time but not in this time or place. Nature can be a bear, or in this instance, a shark.

Mr. Snead was a 60 yr old man prolly just out having a good time on vacation- checkin’ out the babes, maybe sippin’ some coldies. But he forgot the biggie and inserted himself as the weakest link in the food chain by swimming at night in the ocean.

C’mon dude. Did you not watch JAWS?

Sharks feed at night and in the dark hours before dawn. I feel for him. I can’t imagine a more horrible death than quietly paddling about and feeling the brush of something big and circling and wanting.

But, c’mon dude.