Last night Miss Carol and me and several thousand of our closest friends went to see Chickenfoot.

I had bought the tickets for Miss Carol’s birthday so that she see her boyfriend Sammy Hagar again. Miss Carol loves her some Sammy.

Not knowing what to expect from the new super group I had downloaded their “album” so that we could listen to it and, quite frankly, it wasn’t super. But we remained optimistic. It was Sammy after all.

The night started out with Davy somebody and the totally forgettable Back Slam something or others. Not only was their original music generic high schoolish battle-of-the-bandish, their covers were even worse. I’m not sure who Davy somebody slept with to get the gig but we were treated to the result.

Then Sammy and the boys took the stage and the first couple of songs just swept us away on the wave that is Mr. Hagar. With his boundless energy and genuinely friendly showmanship you can’t help but love him and want to hang out with him and have Miss Carol have his babies.

It was all new music but it was pretty good and pretty LOUD but then it kept going on and on and we began to realize that it was going to be ALL new music and none of his older stuff. Which is fine, but it would be like going to Guns and Roses and not hearing them perform Paradise City.

It just ain’t right.

Maybe the problem was with us. We went expecting lots of Sammy fronting a super group and instead got lots of super group and Sammy singing. The music was kinda soulless. It seemed like this group of super talented guys got together and banged out some super talented guitar riffs and pounding drum solos and searing vocals and forgot to put their hearts into it.

It was like a tomato and peanut butter sandwich- you like the ingredients individually but it just wasn’t very good mish-mashed together.

In all, the show was enjoyable in the way that any live act is enjoyable but it wasn’t Sammy and we didn’t stay till the end. Nor, we noticed as we were walking back to the hotel, did many of our friends.

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