Daily Archives: August 2, 2009



This is the coolest show ever in the history of television on the planet. I believe it started as a single show documentary on the Discovery Channel about the most dangerous job in the US, if not the world. Every year boats capsize in storms and men die fishing the Bering Sea.

After that very first Deadliest Catch I was hooked. (see what I did there?)

The first show(s) videography was gritty and focused primarily on the dangers commercial crabbers face. The relentlessly freakishly huge storms and seas, the mind numbing cold, and the endless hours pulling and setting crab pots. The show was raw.

Nowadays, because of it’s popularity, the show appears to have a much bigger budget and the production has become much slicker ¬†and the focus has narrowed to four or five boats and the lives of their crews and captains whom all have their own websites selling t-shirts and hats and stuff but it’s still waaaay cool.

I make Miss Carol watch it every week.