Stormy skies.


It’s been amazing, the amount of rain we’ve had this week. Biblical, End of the World kinda storms that were just blurrily relentless and left Cutter and Tug skittishly wondering WTF?

But the sadly weird thing about storms down here is that they tend to trigger some enzyme in the tourons that says-

Must. Go. Drive.

or maybe it’s something like-

Must. Buy. More. Stupid. T-shirts.

Whatever it is, it causes all of ’em to pack into their cars and cram the roads JUST AS SOON as the rain stops.

Which means that I found myself walking the dogs yesterday, slogging through road lakes and trying to dodge the wakes from the touron SUV’s as they plowed through the flooding looking for whatever it is tourons seek and staring at me with their faces pressed to the glass pointing like they’d never seen dogs.

Makes me worry about humanity.

One response to “Stormy skies.

  1. I luurrrve that photo

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