Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Mother Miracle-Gro.


Boy howdy.

What a difference a couple of weeks and a couple of slatherings of Miracle-Gro make.

Two weeks ago I was looking at our pathetic, anemic little garden and thinking about all the work it’s gonna be to move the dirt and just dismantle the whole freakin’ mess.

Fast forward fourteen days.

Now, thanks to the miracle that is Miracle-Gro, not only am I not thinking about paving the whole thing, we have thriving glowing vegetables that we can almost hear growing. The tomatoes are lookin’ perky, the lettuce is hugely romaine, and the beans are climbin’ their strings.

We feel just like real farmers.

But it makes me wonder- if I just keep slatherin’ the stuff on will we get Jack in the Beanstalk style beans and jungles of lettuce and tomatoes the size of my head and squash that’d make porn stars blush?

I don’t know what’s in Miracle-Gro but I likes it.