It the not too distant past, I would not have gone near a Walmart. Waaaay too low brow for someone with the taste and refinement of an oceandoggy. Wally’s World was reserved for the inbred and the uneducated. People that had only a drive-by acquaintance with personal hygiene and that watched TV with their mouths open.  

Life’s little losers.

I did my shopping in specialty stores convinced that, even though I was paying top dollar, I was purchasing the best quality whatever for my money. If I HAD to visit a big box store I would drive the extra ten miles or so and go to a Target where I felt more at home buying my underwear.

But then about a year ago, something happened. Actually a bunch of somethings happened, the end result being that I was picking up more things on a daily basis than Miss Carol was. I got tired of making a dozen stops when I left the island in the morning and so, one day, I found myself in the Walmart parking lot. It was early, so I felt there was a chance I could get in and out without catching any inbredness.

I’m sure that there are people reading this that have shopped in Walmarts forever and are thinking to themselves-  whatever dude, you’re a dumbass, Walmart is great. And you know what? They’re right. I can honestly say that I am a new disciple of Walmart. I’m not sure if you pass through a sinister force field when you enter the store that lowers your expectations and IQ, but whatever it is, it works. I loves my Walmart.

And even though I’m mouth breathing when I read now, I’m pretty sure it’s just my allergies.

One response to “Convert.

  1. Okay, this has to be said. Every Walmart I’ve ever been to here in southern California has been a total shit hole. (Is shit hole one word, or two? Anyway.) Seriously, I refuse to shop there. Period.

    BUT, there is a Walmart is Utah and one in Minnesota that we go to when we’re visiting family. I LOVE those stores. LOVE them. Like, an unnatural amount of love. I’d LIVE in them if I could.

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