Daily Archives: March 13, 2009



These are the condos across the street that harbor a very close knit community of, um, eccentrics? Most of the 40-some odd units are vacation rentals but the rest are home to the condominimites.

I’m sure the condominimites very nice people. Maybe. But they’re just weird.

There’s the creepy scarecrow woman who walks herky jerky around the block several times each morning and never says hi or good morning and crosses to the other side of the road every time she sees me walking the dogs. I’m not sure if it’s me or Cutter and Tug that smell bad.

Then there’s the old retired couple that wear the same clothes every single day and walk around gossiping to whoever will stop long enough to listen to them. I think they must spy on us locals with high power binoculars.

Then there’s the middle-aged power couple that take long walks striding manfully with clubs in their hands just daring anyone on the island to dare to attack them. They too never say hi.

Then there’s the lonely little woman that will walk up to you on the beach while you’re minding your own business trying to fish and drink a beer and just starts telling you all about her lonely little life as if you really cared. 

Then there’s the two kinda eccentric-looking guys with the little teeny tiny pocket dogs that are always dressed up in cutesy little outfits. I don’t have any problem with teeny tiny cutesy little dogs, hell my sister has one, but they have their place. Like a suburb or a city somewhere. Down here on the island you need to have big, athletic, dogs. Like labs. Like Cutter and Tug.

Then there’s the guy that’s always standing out in the parking lot next to his car talking on his cell phone and smoking. I don’t even want to know what’s going on there.

Then there’s the completely normal, cute little newlyweds. But they moved out.

I’m not real sure what kind of cosmic confluence brought all these eccentric (where eccentric equals weird) people all together under the same communal roof and I wonder sometimes on how the condominimites are changing our island.

Then I get another beer and turn up the music.