Daily Archives: February 8, 2009



Long before there was a cutesy name for it, Miss Carol and me would take little, teeny, tiny, vacations near to home. Mostly because we’re lazy and don’t want to go anywhere but also because they’re fun.

This is how it works. Pick a city close to you, book a room, make dinner reservations, take off early on a Friday and go. It’s always fun getting out of school early.

And then go bar hopping, have a great dinner in a place you’d normally never go to and, after all that, head back to the hotel room for some adult style fun, rockstar fashion.

And when you awaken, hung over and satiated, greasy and lubed, you can just drive home- no taxi’s, no annoying flights or security checks, none of ┬áthe hassle normally associated with travel and vacations.

Another big bonus is that you don’t have to pack anything but a toothbrush, and you’d be amazed the number of places you pass by each day, thinking gosh, golly, we really need to try that place, or go there, but don’t.

Unless you’re┬ástaycationing.