Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Back story. Part 4.


So anyway.

This is how Cutter and Tug spent most of their first months with us- little furry bundles with damp noses constantly napping. They were as inseparable as they were indistinguishable.

They would always sleep huddled up against one another as, I imagine, the entire litter had. Now that it was just the two of them, they seemed to cling to that closeness. Still do, as a matter of fact.

Early on their personalities began to emerge and diverge. Cutter was clearly the alpha male, constantly curious and always underfoot. Tug was happy sitting on the sidelines and watching, needing all sorts of patient coercion to try anything new. Tug seemed openly surprised by any act of kindness while Cutter took it as his due. Cutter reveled in his puppy cuteness, Tug was dismayed by it. Cutter pranced and Tug warily trudged. 

I think a big reason for their diverseness was that Cutter was one of the first puppies chosen from the litter and Tug was the last, silently watching as his brothers and sisters disappeared and as the plywood box they lived in got bigger and colder and lonelier.

Every time I tell Miss Carol about Tug sitting alone in the plywood box she cries which proves she has a heart.

So I tell it to her a LOT.