Ladies Night.


Tonight is Ladies Night Out.

It’s the one night each month that oceandoggy makes his own dinner and cleans up after himself while Carol goes out with her friends and does Ladies Night Out stuff. What that stuff is, oceandoggy has no idea, nor does he really want to.


While Carol is out and about reveling in her femaleness with like kind oceandoggy makes his famous hot sausage and pinto bean dinner. (It’s really easy- you fry hot sausages and cut them up and stir them into a pan of pinto beans and eat them with a big spoon. Right out of the pan. With a cold beer. And then another. Cold beer, that is.)


What’s on the TV while oceandoggy is shoveling beans and sausages and beers into his pie hole? Extreme Cage Fighting? NASCAR? Football? Survivorman?

Noooo. No.No.No.No. Oceandoggy watches Anthony Bourdain. With the curtains closed so no one can see how light in the flip flops he’s becoming.

It is Ladies Night after all.

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