Backstory. Part 1


I don’t know why but this has been rambling around in my head all day. I write like everyone knows us, but I’m thinkin’ there’s at least a few who are probably scratching their heads saying Cutter who?, Tug what? Carol WTF?

And maybe, just maybe they would like some backstory. If not, tough. It’s comin’ atcha.

This is Cutter.

Four years ago we buried our last old dog. It was heartwrenching for me, holding another beloved dog as she was put down. I was done with dogs. They don’t live long enough. They chew a place in your heart, camp out, and then die. Damn them.

But then, four months later Miss Carol decided it was time, and while we were eating brunch on a Sunday went through the paper and found a breeder in North Carolina with a litter of Labs ready for adoption.

We drove down and checked out the puppies which kinda all looked alike except for the runt and a big bully that was sitting by himself in the corner of the pen. Rolling around in the general population was one that I picked up for whatever reason. He immediately fell asleep in the crook of my arm and I was smitten. Sonsabitches.

We chose him, named him Cutter, and wanted to take him home immediately, but had to wait for a couple of weeks until he was weaned.

On the ride home Miss Carol hesitated and then blurted out that she wanted the runt as well, if she was still available when we went back. I stared at her agape, my sphincter tightening.

Huh?? Two puppies, in our little house?? At the same time????? TWO AS IN 2 PUPPIES AT THE SAME TIME????. IN OUR HOUSE?????!!!!!

We stopped at a 7-11 for refreshment.

Next- Tug.

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