Happy Halloween.


Once again this year we had absolutely no trick-or-treaters. Nada. Zip. Zero.

I’m not quite sure why but I have my theories:

-maybe it was the appealing candy layout (my fault, not Carol’s-she was napping)

-maybe it was the blurry dog

-maybe it was the darkened house and closed drapes (did I mention Carol was napping?)

-maybe it was because we are surrounded by empty rental homes so it looks like no one is home in the darkened house with the closed drapes.

-maybe it was the barbed wire and concertina tape that I put up (after I was sure Carol was napping)

-maybe it was the covering fire that I laid down from the machine gun nest mounted on the deck (Carol can sleep through ANYTHING)

Maybe it was all those things and maybe more.

But whatever the reason, I win again- Butterfinger and Snicker sandwiches for me.


One response to “Happy Halloween.

  1. Butterfinger and Snicker sandwiches?!?! LUCKY!!!

    No trick-or-treaters here either, but I made the Husband buy candy corn “just in case” so I wouldn’t eat it when we were stuck with the leftovers (as always).

    (I have no tollerance for candy corn.)

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