Walk now? Please, kind sir?


Is there anything more heartwrenchingly pitiable than dogs, epecially our Labs, shredding any and all dignity for their daily walk?

Every day, precisely at 5-ish, Tug (that’s him on the left) and Cutter (on the right, right?) check their wristwatches, nod in agreement to one another, and trot into my Me Only Room to make sure I haven’t forgotten them.

And there they will stand, ears pinned back, tails wagging their entire bodies, mewling and yelping, until I get up and take them out. There is no saying no because they know. (see what I did there?)

Every now and again they’ll be a little early and I’ll sit in my Me Only Chair pointing to the clock and patiently trying to explain that it’s not time yet but their argument is irrefutable and unbending. 

Move your ass, mister, or we chew your legs off.

2 responses to “Walk now? Please, kind sir?

  1. Your dogs are beautiful! I mean… handsome?

  2. Your story was really inforamtvie, thanks!

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