Daily Archives: February 8, 2013

Please just eat.

Cutter and Tug are singularly (duallularly?) a pain in the ass when it comes to eating and feeding. 

We free-feed them, meaning we leave their bowls full of food all the time hoping that they will spend their days idyllically moving slowly from napping to eating and blissfully waiting for our return.

The reality is waaaaaaay different. 

Cutter and Tug require an audience while they dine and they only dine right before their walk, so twice a day Miss Carol or me have to stand and wait and watch while the boys eat so that we or me can walk them.

It’s great fun but it gets even more frustrating.

Unless Cutter and Tug deem their food- the same dry dog food they’ve always eaten- suitable, they won’t eat it.

And then we feel bad. 

So one of the ways I’ve found to make dog food sameness palatable is to pour any kibble leftover in their bowls back into the the big dog food hopper, stir it around some, and re-serve it. 

I did this the other day and watched while my bumbling sleight-of-hand worked once again and Cutter and Tug chowed down after they’d turned their noses up on their dinner.

Why do you guys do that?, I asked. 

Tug’s nose remained buried in his bowl making snuffling and chomping noises, but Cutter raised his head and swallowed hard two or three times- still chewing the way dogs do- and glared at me.

If you left a sandwich on the kitchen counter all day long, would you want to eat it? he asked.

Yeah, Tug woofled, his nose buried in his bowl.

Cutter continued to stare at me like I was a turd.

But if you made the sandwich in the morning and stuck it in the refrigerator, you’d eat it that evening, right? he said.

Right? Tug mumbled around a mouthful of dog food, glancing over his shoulder at me.

But it’s not the same thing, I said.

Yes it is, Cutter said.

And he returned to the mincing little bites of his dinner, while I waited for them to finish so I could walk them.