So how do I start?

In amongst everything else, I’ve been reading a pile of books and since I’m pretty sure both my readers are hanging on my pithiness- here it comes.

A Hologram For A King. Dave Eggers book is an elegantly, beautifully written piece of go-nowhere-ness. It didn’t do anything for me, but if you like really pretty, really dull writing, rush out and get it. Or actually, get two- in case you fall asleep and forget where you left one.

The Beast God Forgot To Invent. Jim Harrison is an amazing writer. I’m not usually a fan of a collection of short stories, but his are good.

The Wolf Gift. Long, long, ago, Anne Rice wrote some of the most beautiful books ever. Yeah, sure, they were about vampires, but they were beautiful. Then she got religion or something and wrote some yawners about something else and when nobody bought them she turned back to her tried and true. Only this time it’s werewolves. Think hairy vampires.

The Englishman’s Boy. This was actually pretty good but I read it so long ago that I kinda forget.

Reamde. I have never read Neal Stephenson before, but you can betcha sweet ass I’m gonna read more of his stuff. Reamde is a 1000 page romp of fun reading. Get it.

Next up, we’ll check into the Little House of Horrors.

The fun never ends.

One response to “Pile.

  1. This is what’s wrong with e-readers. I can’t ever take a picture of all those beautiful books I’ve read. Yours are just so pretty all piled up like that. Sigh.

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