Daily Archives: October 28, 2012


This year, for the first year ever, Cutter and Tug have managed to find a bunch of flea friends and bring them home to us so today Miss Carol and me wrestled them into our shower and gave them a bath and drowned their little flea buddies.

I did the wrestling and Miss Carol did the bathing.

Once Tug was done and sitting forlorn and wet-rat looking in the corner of the shower I grabbed Cutter and pulled/pushed/struggled him into the shower.

Nooooooooo, he pleaded, planting his paws on either side of the entrance to our shower.

Dude, I grunted, pushing him into the shower and Miss Carol.

Tug sat looking morose and defeated and Cutter looked back at me all doe-like. Please, he said.

You guys are Labs, I said, breathing hard and bent over, my hands on my knees. What’s the matter with you two?, you’re supposed to love water, I said.

Miss Carol started to spray nice warm water on Cutter and he hissed at me, We don’t.

Yeah, Tug said. It’s the ignominy. And looked pathetic.

Cutter glanced over at him while Miss Carol was sudsing him. The what??, he said.

The ignominy, Tug said again and settled back and forth a little. Ya gotta realize, he said, the first time we ever got a bath we were taken away from all of our brothers and sisters and the only nice warm little home we’d ever known and were given to you, he said.

Not that that’s a bad thing, Tug said hastily.

Cutter glared at him while Miss Carol rinsed.

Ignominy? Cutter said looking at his brother. Where’d you learn a word like that?

Tug shrugged and stood and shook the water off of him.