Daily Archives: September 24, 2012

Warm. With feeling.

My little brother and I and his little cupcake were driving home after working on The Little House of Horrors and my little brother was telling his little cupcake to check out the various little houses and how homey they looked and I stared out the passenger side window thinking how maybe my little brother’s little cupcake might not want to look at the dispirited, tired little homes.

But then we passed a trailer with a tiny little deck haphazardly attached and I saw this young, overweight, (dare I say, white trashy?) woman sitting (maybe overfilling?) her plastic chair with her little boy standing pressed hard into her shoulder.

He was just standing there and holding his mom, his little arms wrapped around her neck.

And the look on her face was so euphorically amazing I was caught up in the moment. I wanted that happiness. I wanted to feel that burst of simple love.

It was a moment and it made my whole day and then we slid by.