Daily Archives: January 26, 2012


Chuck Palahniuk can be flipping amazing.

He’ll take a subject, any subject, push and prod it to extremes and then toss it into a beat-up old car we’ll call Grotesquery and drive the whole mess off a cliff we’ll call The Way Beyond The Grossly Imagined Pale.

It’s always sickenly fun. I’ve read several of his books and listened to several more. They always explore places you never ever thought you’d wanna go and visit.

Damned is another one.

Thirteen year old Madison ends up in Hell after an unfortunate Hello Kitty condom auto-erotic strangulation and has to traverse places like the Dandruff Desert, The Valley of Used Disposable Diapers- carefully sidestepping The Swamp of Partial Abortions and the always rising Ocean of Wasted Sperm to win her job in Hell’s Call Center telemarketing people at dinnertime.

Classic Chuck.

It’s fun. Read it. And if you buy the hardcover, check out the book jacket. I don’t know what it’s printed on but, it feels like, skin?