How much have you ever wanted to just run away?

To just chuck it all.

To just roll and leave everything, absolutely, everything, behind? To become dead to close friends and family knowing you’ll probably never ever see them again. To head off into the far distance knowing you’ll only be seeing strangers for the rest of your time.

could you do it?

Could you leave kith and kin and little doggies and the warmth of the homely hearth behind and strike out into the razor sharp brittle coldness?

could you do it?

Nah, probably not.

Me neither.

But me and Miss Carol are fighting again and it does make me wonder-

could you do it?

7 responses to “New.

  1. –>No.
    BUT I do wish I could put my husband up on a shelf sometimes. He’d just have to sit there, be quiet and let me do what the hell I wanted without criticism.
    Then when I was ready, I’d take him off the shelf and we’d be back to business as usual.

  2. I’m a single parent…their dad has been 1500 miles away for most of their lives….have I ever wanted to run away…good lord, I have lost count of the times I have considered it. But then I would feel guily, and carry on.

  3. I think I could have, until I had a grandchild, and then it is like a new chance to do it right

  4. Oh, hell yeah, I’ve wanted to run… but then something really good came along and I was glad I stuck it out.

    (Seeing as I’m reading this post nearly a MONTH after you hit “publish,” I hope the fighting has come and gone and everything is all moonbeams and roses again.)

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