I normally try and post just three times a week ’cause regimentation loves uniformity.

Or is it the other way ’round?


I was just sidling along, doing nothing until I read this and HAD to link  to it for y’all. It’s just TOO fucking funny. Check it out. The “Got Milk” folks have rolled out a new marketing campaign tying calcium deficits to increased PMS in and amongst our womenfolk. Seems you babes should’ve been drinking more milk. Who knew?

And dudes? It seems like maybe it was never our fault. Everrrr.


Billboards have sprung up all over California showing confused, bewildered men holding out offerings of cartons of milk with taglines like “I’m sorry for the the thing or things I did or didn’t do” and “I’m sorry I listened to what you said and NOT  what you meant” and “I apologize for not reading between the RIGHT lines”.


I don’t live in California, but it sure does make me want to ’cause it’s just so flipping hilarious.


And of course the chick groups are criticizing the campaign calling it the usual stuff and saying it portrays men? as victims of PMS like that’s something new?

um. helloooo?


Check out the website if you can. The pearlescent gem includes a “current global PMS level”, a “video apology enhancer”, a “mistake verification system”, and a “puppy dog Eye-Zer” to make you more apologetically adorable. Or adorably apologetic.

Good stuff.

2 responses to “PMSin’.

  1. Excellent…I really liked how it has a map for emergency milk purchases ~ and it was my freaking neighborhood. The brains of some people…amazing stuff.

    • I don’t laugh that hard at a lot of stuff.
      But this just cracked me up.
      Every time I look at the fearful guy gingerly offering the milk cartons I bark out loud with laughter.
      Just thinking about it makes me want to giggle.

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