So, yeah. This was pretty much my holiday weekend.

Is it any wonder I didn’t post on Monday?

Is it any wonder I’m barely posting now?

More as short term memory coalesces. Or re-coalesces. Or whatever.

6 responses to “Blur.

  1. THANK you guys again for the awesome, kickass, fun as hell, blurred holiday weekend! Did Cupcake ever use those $9 strawberries??!??!

    • What that killer, or what?
      You guys are always welcome.

    • And Mel. Not only was it way fun, but you guys didn’t have to give us a gift. Your being here was gift enough. Really.

      • We just wanted to do something nice for you guys since you let us invade your home. We love hanging with you party animals!! By the way, I’m burning a CD for you guys… will be a Mel Mix. It will be epic.

  2. If you took the food out….you could have gotten more beverages in there.

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