Red Haze.

Ever had one of those things that hurts so bad you just grit and endure, knowing it’s not going away and knowing it sucks so bad it’s gonna fuck with your life for days?

I’ve got one of them goin’ on.

I fucked up my knee working or maybe it’s gout and for the next several days I’m working on ladders. Go figure. The pain stretches.

And the thing that’s really sand in my bikini is that I can’t do all of the stuff that I’m supposed to- like walk Cutter and Tug. I feel like shit that Miss Carols’ gonna have to do it.

So I’m in a red haze and the pain’s the big dark baby eclipsing coherent thought and making this post suck.


4 responses to “Red Haze.

  1. Criminy, Ror! And today is your birthday. Man. I will try to send some positive, pain-free karma your way…. xo bunky

  2. Wow…in pain on your birthday…that sucks. I have a foot that is screwing with my running…has been for some time now. Makes me grouchy sometimes when I think about it. Feel better soon….and happy birthday.

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