Pause me my life.

Wooooohooooooo. Steeeeeeveennnnnn Tylerrrrrrrrr.

OK, so I sound like some dewey eyed little tripster panting heavily, screeching banshee like, but hear me out.

I don’t like American Idol. But I loves Steven Tyler.

I was over it years ago. American Idol, not Mr. Steven.

Acapella  singing does nothing for me. I don’t get it and never will. It just sounds like trilling up and down annoyingly.

But this year is JLo and, and, AND,  Steven Tyler.

I may be gay.

Steven Tyler has been my fucking hero for more decades and centuries than I like to count or think about. Aerosmith is one of the very few bands that Miss Carol and me always go see, not matter where or what.

I know I’m gushing like a little girl but I can’t help it.

And ya know what? JLo and Steven Tyler are amazing. FOX did it. They’ve sucked me in for the duration of  the American Idol season. The chemistry is THAT good.

Hit the Play button, life.

c’mon. hit it.

6 responses to “Pause me my life.

  1. Thanks for my morning chuckle. Have to agree with you though – the chemistry is awesome. Fox figured out a way to breath air into their otherwise dead show.

    • I agree. Miss Carol was saying that she’s hearing negative reviews ’cause Steven and JLO don’t explain their yea’s or nay’s enough.
      Screw that.
      It’s fun, it’s awesome, and I’m sucked waaay in.

  2. Hahaha, so true! I don’t know how Fox roped him in, but it’s way cool. I saw Steven Tyler on the news the other night, and apparently one of his kids said “it’s about time you got a real job, Dad…” 🙂

    • You shoulda heard the Howard Stern interview.
      If I ever live to be 62 I want to be just like Steven Tyler. Rhetorically speaking.

  3. UGH. The entire band has summer homes in the town next to mine. (Steven Tyler’s youngest girl went to high school with B’s sister – the school theater is called the Tyler something something something). And due to the stupidity of one of them (I never asked which, we just call them all Aerosmith), Massachusetts now has a law that you can’t push that little lever down on the gas pump so you can put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm while you pump your own gas. You know that little thing on the handle that you can push down so it holds the pump? Because apparently this dude pushed that little lever down so he could light his stupid self a cigarette, accidentally knocked the gas hose out of his car and blew his fool self up. And, you know, half the gas station. No one was hurt. It just made a big mess. With fire and shit. And now none us can keep our hands warm while we pump our gas.

    That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

  4. Can I come live with you and B during the summer?

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