Miss Carol was out of town this week, down in Raleigh NC for training.

I’m pretty sure Cutter and Tug at least LIKE me since I feed them and walk them and pick up their poops and hang with them EVERY day.

But. I KNOW they loooooooooves Miss Carol.

So when Miss Carol leaves they spend every Miss Carol-less evening staring out the window- ignoring me and waiting and wanting Miss Carol to come home.

And, you know, its not like it’s a competition or a yearning love-want or anything.

But sometimes? It’s like, hey, c’mon dudes.

5 responses to “Work.

  1. –>I bet if you said “Cookie?” their heads would at least turn in your direction.

  2. They love ya….they just knew something is missing without Miss Carol around. I bet they went flat out crazy when she came back. I love that about dogs ~ you can be gone for seconds and they react as if it has been forever when they see you again.

  3. Maybe they sit at the window like that when you’re gone, and Miss Carol just hasn’t shared it… 🙂

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