Questing still.

I don’t know what happened.

All the sudden it was almost too easy.

Maybe they were tired of seeing my mopey dejected, rejected, little ass hanging around, hands plunged deep into my pockets, looking like Miss Carol and the dogs had been hit by the train.

Maybe it was just my turn. Maybe officialdom has some unwritten, unseen agenda that counts down through the days and when it’s your turn, it’s YOUR turn.

Whatever it was, I won the lottery. I hit the home run with the bases loaded, I caught the touchdown pass with only seconds to spare, I sunk the impossibly long put, I tossed in the three-pointer at the buzzer, I gambled on my gas and squeaked over the finish line to win.

I did it.

Not only did I get the Land Disturbance Permit (just typing that makes me laugh fucking out loud), I got the Septic and the Well Permits AND successfully applied for the much sought after, but rarely seen, BUILDING PERMIT.

I think it might happen, chile.

And if it does, you better believe I’m gonna frame that sucker.

6 responses to “Questing still.

  1. Ahhh, the Grail is in sight…soon happiness will fill the kingdom! Got my fingers crossed for you guys!

  2. I’m tryin’ to get a pistol permit… what are the chances of that?????

  3. Swweeet! Now, when you guys move, can I have your Sandbridge house? Pleeezzzzzzz? :o)

  4. –>Congrats!
    See, it only takes stroking check after check. After check. After check. Wash and repeat.

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