Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Update baby.

I wrote about these two little girls sailing around the world alone and unassisted a while back and then added them to my blogroll if, and just in case, anybody was interested in following their journey.

I didn’t want to bore my one reader with my thoughts or commentary on parents pushing their kids into hugely dangerous adventures for the sake of, well, I’m not sure what so I left it at that.


Jessica’s home safe after ten months at sea.

Abby isn’t.

Her parents and shore crew reported today that, after fighting 60 knot winds, countless knockdowns, and 25 to 30 foot seas, her manual EPIRB was activated.

That means she wants and needs to be rescued.

Unfortunately she’s a little girl in the middle of the Indian Ocean somewhere between Africa and Australia on a sinking or sunk boat.

Australia Search and Rescue are trying to divert ships in the area, but they’re at least 40 hours away. They’re also trying to re-direct a Quantas flight over her location so that maybe they can at least pick her up on marine radio.

Her mom says on her blog that her sailboat is built to Category 0 standards with 5 different air-tight compartments, and she has a ditch bag and life raft and what-the-fuck-ever that all means.

She’s a scared little girl in the middle of a maelstrom wanting home.

Come on home Abby.


UPDATE part 2– Ya know, just in case you haven’t already seen it or heard it or whatever. Abby was contacted by a flyover and says she is fine even though she’s been rolled and dismasted. ¬†A French fishing vessel is headed her way and should reach her in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Maybe there are gods.