Dog On It.

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn is, in a word, cute.

Miss Carol brought this book home from the hospital she works at saying that one of the staff had given it to her to read. Since I was between books I got to read it first.

After the first page I was ready to throw in the towel. Or maybe just throw up. I imagined the person at the hospital that had given Miss Carol Dog On It must’ve been one of those little old ladies that volunteer and answer the phones and stuff and probably think that EVERYbody likes the same little books that her little granddaughter likes.

It was that bad.

But I was too lazy to get up and go find something else to read so I opened up another beer and condescendingly kept plowing along, positive that I was wasting my time.

And ya know what?

I’m kinda glad I did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Dog On It will never be mistaken for literature but it’s cute and honestly? Spencer Quinn does a really good job of getting inside of Chet the dog’s head and giving us a dog’s thoughts and viewpoint.

The story is the first(??) of the Chet and Bernie mysteries and is totally predictable but it’s fast and easy to read and you don’t have to think too much and did I mention it’s cute? Also, at the very end,

Whoops, hold it, hold on a sec-

What’s that sweethoneybabychile? No, nothin’, just messin’ around on my goofy little blog. Why?

You wanna do what?


I’m ON IT!

Gotta go, gotta run, Miss Carol wants to go get nekkid in the hot tub. seeya.

Next in the pile- Tinkers by Paul Harding

2 responses to “Dog On It.

  1. Thanks! I had a trip to take this weekend – hit the library for an audio to make it bearable. Saw Dog On It. Remembered your “cute” review. Grabbed it. You’re right. It’s cute. Not something I would read twice, but fit the bill. Thanks again.

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